Hyra Mordant


Hyra has long black hair halfway down her back in length in a single ponytail. Overall she’s got a friendly look to her and has notable cyan coloured eyes. she’s wearing a coat, and has obvious chromed up arms, and carries a pair of katanas. She’s French, which gives her a light French accent.

Hyra is very friendly and sociable, and loves having fun. She sees alcohol as a great way to have fun, and recreational drugs are by no means out of question, and she easily gets carried away by such substances because she’s lightweight. While she seems like the nicest person under social circumstances, she’s a bit different during combat. What happened to her when she was young and the loss of essence from her cyberware just inherently messed her up, and makes her go bloodlust in combat. Because of this, she thoroughly enjoys and finds pleasure in cutting her enemies to shreds, and avoiding combat is a massive bonerkill to her.

Especially ghouls. Fuck ghouls

Incoming soon.

Hyra Mordant

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